Speak only when I have credibility

I am a very honest person.  And I use that as power - but I control what I am am honest about; my voice doesn't control me.  Being honest is good to build a sense of trust in business and relationships (I know that's sort of repetitive, as business IS relationships) but really only to a point...  Its very important to me that I don't speak about things I haven't established myself in or are inexperienced in - even if those facts are true - as that might still build trust, but hurt my credibility.

I feel what qualifies me to speak on topics I know about are results.  The only authority is results.  I have learned lots of things, but I don't have any authority to speak on any of them if I haven't gotten any results from them yet.  

All that brings me around to speaking about business and entreprenuerial projects I'm doing.  I'm not going to speak on a topic to most people until I've established myself with SOME kind of results or reputation.  I meet people all the time that go on and on about things they seem to know about but haven't really done - they're called windbags

However, when I do have results or a reputation in something - I speak with PASSION on those topics.  (anyone that's ever spoken to me I'm sure know that)



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