List of things I am excellent at:

  • combing my hair
  • math/arithmetic (simple)
  • web design
  • writing
  • artwork/drawing
  • understanding/reading people
  • fashion
  • making a strong impression on people
  • knowledge of music (older, specifics)
  • knowledge of video games (older)
  • knowledge of late 60's/early 70's Chryslers
  • making people smile
  • learning/showing other people how to do things I know
  • talking to people face to face
  • dancing
  • listening
  • having my picture taken
  • marketing
  • merchandizing
  • packing and shipping packages worldwide
  • following up with people to see how they are doing
  • being myself
  • making fast/drastic decisions and sticking to them
  • researching/finding the answers to problems I can't solve myself
  • eating

List of things I am okay at, but could be better at:

  • organization (of my papers and physical things)
  • being prepared
  • selling
  • approaching people that don't appear interested
  • quickly calculating value on things I know about (cars, video games, etc)
  • sticking to a schedule I set for myself
  • memory (unless I write it down)
  • managing my time

List of things I am not so good at:

  • talking on the phone and dealing with solicitors
  • shrewd haggling
  • repairs involving using my hands/strength
  • accounting system (Quickbooks, Excel, etc...)
  • physical labor/work
  • cleaning things
  • budgeting my finances
  • dealing with angry (or stupid/mindless) people



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