Putting Myself Out There

Nervousness never stops an effective person from making a decision and getting things done.

I am [as previously mentioned] the shyest, most frightfully nervious person in the world.  However my desire for results has always overwhelmed my shyness and forced me to do things beyond my character.  The most frightful visions I have however are of how my life would be if I never even tried to do the things I wanted so very badly, so my desire finds a way to reach the results I'm looking for. 

When I was in high school and basically didn't do or say anything (I was a closet artist/writer) - I came to the discovery that if I don't do anything, nothing will get done.  That simple discovery changed my life and the way I saw and did things drastically from those years forward.  I was very withdrawn socially, emotionally, and culturally growing up compared to all the other kids.  It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I started to watch how other people react to each other, and I taught myself social ettiquette by being what I considered to be logical.  Learning basic social courtesies that most people would probably take for granted, was a moment I remember because it was the first major breakthru in my life.  Just learning to talk to people at a much later stage in my life when most kids were already being "cool" was awkward, but I put myself out there and I think people respected me when they saw I was trying.  Even the most basic of basic courtesies such as saying "hi" to people I meet I really didn't comprehend socially until I was a senior in high school. 

All in all - it doesn't matter how you start, it just matters how you finish.  I've been a very slow starter in my life, but I've gotten much better and I now take pride in the fact that I generally finish everything I start that matters to me most.



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