Post Cashflow/Financing/Prop Man Bootcamp.

I've gone into this 3-day with a more positive attitude than the previous three 3-days I've been to this year.  I decided to be more of myself of old that did things the way I know how.    The more dynamic self of eight years ago.  There was just too much I've invested in this for me to lose.

Also, last night at the motel I re-adjusted my business plan to make it more specific so it now includes a calendar timeframe by next few days, first week, next week, next couple months, bi-annual periods (this year set for end of summer and end of the year).  How I go about the process, what I am looking for, which methods, etc.  Like anything else, I will keep returning to look at my biz plan to re-adjust my timeframes and goals based on what I'm accomplished and have learned - plus document those changes/updates that I've made.

Similarly I thought of an excellent idea to change the format of my RE Investment journal from my current format of: daily schedule, the current week, and the next week - to be more specific in the mid-term and long term periods - by adding the current month, the next month, the current half (year), and the current year.



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