A fire is not enough - May 3, 2008 by Brian Moy

A thought strikes like hitting a match on stone.
My passion builds up like a raging forest fire
but with time, it slowly dies to a groan...
if I don't picture the end result I require.

From the past insane output I used to have eight years ago of releasing completed writings/artwork on a near daily or every other daily basis to just writing my second poem written this year.  I'm a little rusty but I think this flows better than the first.  Just a realization that all the intense passion I'd had wasn't always enough without the picture in mind.  I'm pretty certain that no one realizes this (except those that I tell of course) that when trying to make my Specialty Gamer website, I had a picture of how I wanted my Specialty Gamer website to look with graphics and format before I had any clue how to code it that way.  I ended up having to do everything myself including the graphics (not that I prefer it, just that I didn't find royalty free images online that were what I was looking for), tables, division, coding (mostly by hand in a notepad-like edit box) and in the end to my surprise it looks basically exactly how I wanted it to look as far as visually and functioning.  A lot of things I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I kept working on it til I figured out a way.



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