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Make the Decision - November 2, 2009 by Brian Moy

Winning happens to fast choosers.
Slow hesitation is for loosers.

Cutting Strings - October 22, 2009 by Brian Moy

I reach for the strings that won't let go of me
and look for strength to cut the weak ones free
who don't return anything back to me
Its not fair to let the weight of others slow down me

I posted this little bit on FaceBook a week ago.  I'm a very passionate person in regards to my help and support of people.  Its always a best case scenario when supporting someone is mutually beneficial to all parties, but in general I like to help people if just to offer some emotional support and encouragement because I like seeing people finding their strength to go out and be successful.  I really have in my heart supported people starting out that I see in similar situations like myself (applies to anything I'm knowledgable in, not just real estate investing) when they are new. Especially those younger like myself. I follow up with people so see how there are doing and make sure they are still on track - not to guilt people but because I really do care deeply. Many young people I've known had a hard time committing to the work, or gave up before they even started and never made it.  It hurts to know that because I truly do care so much about the success of others... but I'm NOT going to do someone's work for them. Young people tend to be flakey (they see a long path to do things later on, but often don't see opportunities when they are in front of them, and often don't have the perspective that a opportunity might not find them again) and generally don't follow thru so I know young people ESPECIALLY need emotional support and encouragement from a like mind.

By my nature, I'm a very giving, loving and supportive person.  However, that does NOT mean I will let just anyone take advantage of my good nature.  When I reach out to a person, I am the one that chooses to do so.  At a point, I've noticed that some people I trusted in the beginning will later on rely on me for time, training or references when they seem to have lost the need to give back in return - and see it as okay to use me for free as a friend, rather than have to go to the courses that I paid for, or take the time to get to know the references and relationships that I built up.  PLUS maybe I don't want to give just someone that hasn't proven they can deliver to the references that I built up thru my time and that is not fair on the relationships I've built to refer them "tire kickers".  Its like if they put nothing of their own into it, AND there's nothing in it for me, what's the upside??  I'm beyond the flattery of people telling me how motivating I am. 

I was going thru some intense realizations today and actually cried for the first time in ten years.  I'm actually pretty stoic, I don't even cry over girls or lost friends.  (I DID cry over the thought of selling the Lovercraft, but you don't need to know that...)  Thing is that I got really upset and a wave of bitterness passed thru me over investor friends I felt that I trusted in the beginning, helped them out with my commitment, when it came to decision time they ultimately did NOT deliver, then after the fact they see me as a very capable person and seems to justify them not paying me back for what I put in to them to help them at a time when they needed help.  Well, it is NOT okay to take from me thinking "oh, Brian will be alright". 

With the wave of held up anger and resentment inside me (I'm a very peaceful person and hardly ever display my anger outwardly), the thoughts of ultimately uncommited people trying to get favors me really upsets me.  For one thing, because as the person I am I would NEVER impose on someone's good nature without feeling I can offer something mutually beneficial.  I believe its a real truth that success has no meaning if its handed to you - which is what gives me my passion and work ethic.  Really the more you put into the journey is what gives your ultimate success real meaning.  I just cannot cannot respect someone who isn't willing to put in the work, and is waiting for a handout.

Kill My Fears - September 9, 2009 by Brian Moy

I need to brace myself
and erase myself of past heartache
as memories like mine can be hard to take
but when I face my fears and kill them
I'm embracing my tears, fulfilling them.

Timing - August 22, 2009 by Brian Moy

When perfect timing is not in sight
Then I will decide to make it right
Patience may be a virtue, but not for those who wait
Dignity means nothing for those too late
I can't let time make decisions for me
Power is held with responsibility


If I'm Always Sincere - July 2, 2009 by Brian Moy

If I'm always sincere then I have nothing to fear

A promise to keep - November 14, 2008 by Brian Moy

When I make a goal for myself
I make a promise to myself
a promise to keep my goal
a promise to finish my goal
and I don't break my promises

I get it - August 1, 2008 by Brian Moy

My tone is direct
my expressions are clear
success I expect
with my motives sincere

My Reputation - June 8, 2008 by Brian Moy

I have the skill to do things fast
and the will to make them last
my concern makes me the very best
I have learned how to be a success
even when I'm stressed, I present a peace of mind
and remain well dressed, well kept, proper and kind
for all the things I care about to do
if its important enough, I'll share them with you
I am dynamic creation
and this is my reputation

Natural Electricity - May 5, 2008 by Brian Moy

A person with an electric personality, genuine and true,
sends a clear visual intensity that will always shine thru.

I Can Taste It - May 22, 2008 by Brian Moy

I want it so bad I can taste it
Years of hunger won't be wasted
I devour a hundred thousand words in record time
and sleep at night with a flock of birds
I would eat for miles and miles
as I think of my friends and all their smiles

Thru My Fingertips - May 4, 2008 by Brian Moy

Thoughts flow thru my fingertips
like refreshing droplets
sprinkling down on a pond of crystal blue.
Each single droplet
is a miniature explosion upon the water,
gentle in nature,
but when the details are examined up close,
the effect of each splash is epic in magnatude.

A fire is not enough - May 3, 2008 by Brian Moy

A thought strikes like hitting a match on stone.
My passion builds up like a raging forest fire
but with time, it slowly dies to a groan...
if I don't picture the end result I require.

From the past insane output I used to have eight years ago of releasing completed writings/artwork on a near daily or every other daily basis to just writing my second poem written this year.  I'm a little rusty but I think this flows better than the first.  Just a realization that all the intense passion I'd had wasn't always enough without the picture in mind.  I'm pretty certain that no one realizes this (except those that I tell of course) that when trying to make my Specialty Gamer website, I had a picture of how I wanted my Specialty Gamer website to look with graphics and format before I had any clue how to code it that way.  I ended up having to do everything myself including the graphics (not that I prefer it, just that I didn't find royalty free images online that were what I was looking for), tables, division, coding (mostly by hand in a notepad-like edit box) and in the end to my surprise it looks basically exactly how I wanted it to look as far as visually and functioning.  A lot of things I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I kept working on it til I figured out a way.


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