Personal non-real estate related entry

I feel that I'm pretty open about myself with people.  Besides this, I have like 3 other journals on my other websites basically that I use to express what I'm thinking and feeling.  And really, having journals has been an excellent outlet for me.

But lately, I've had feelings I think are too personal to publish online for the world to see.  I know that's not wierd - we all tend to have a private side we don't like to have the whole entire world know about.  For some people that private side may be bigger or smaller than others.

So with that I have started my own personal journal of my feelings that will never ever be seen on the internet.  I guess I didn't really have that big of a private side that I was unwilling to share publicly.  As I said, I think I'm pretty open and honest with myself and anyone who wants to ask me.

If I have something on my mind, I'm going to write it down, get it out thru my artwork, or talk about it with somebody.  I don't really internalize too much anymore.

How does it feel to realise I have more of a private side I want to keep for myself?  Well as long as I can get thru my feelings, I guess I am okay with it.  Thing is that on a personal note - I've been really doing a lot of work on my heart, my soul, my self.  And with my personal and social growth, I get some feelings I'm not sure about and maybe its just a sign of working out my feelings. 



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