New Year, New Attitude

Okay, so I am not the kind of person that follows most cultural holiday traditions, such as setting new year's resolutions for each year.  To some people, the new year is a time to celebrate and maybe go outside and hit pans by the street - I don't understand that...  But for me, I tend to be stoic and every day is just another day for me.  New Year's, Christmas, my birthday... they are all just regular days for me.  So what was I doing at Midnight of New Year's Day?  Well, I was sleeping when I heard all these consecutive "bonggg" sounds coming outside.  (oh yeah, it must be New Year's today)

I will ask people, "So are you doing anything for New Year's?"  But to be honest, I'm just being polite. 

But the thing is 2008 was a very different year for me than a usual year.  I definately saw more personal and measurable growth in 2008 than any other year of my life.  It was a round year for me, being the first year I was in my 30's.  (No, I'm not thirty.  I'm twenty-ten.  I'm still in my 20's dang it!)  For that, it really made me realize I had to get started doing more of the bigger things I always wanted to do for myself.  Like many people, I tend to put things off or not give things my best shot at times.  As far as progress goes, I am definately streaky.  I have a tendency to have laser focus and passion on things for a period and I will hit many successes during that time... only to eventually crash and burn out, self explode (BOOM!!) and need a period of time to recover before I can go again.

Now, as the rise of activity is huge, but the weight of depression is also huge, and altogether makes things very intense.  If you're wondering where I am going with all this existentalism, well fast forward to right NOW in 2009 and how things have been going for me early in the year.

I "remembered" why I was doing real estate investing.  I "remembered" why I was doing Specialty Gamer.  Oh yeah... I really care about this things.  I'm doing them to improve myself, because I enjoy doing them, and because I like bringing people together that share the interests that I do.  That made me think back about how I'm finally 30 and in the relatively short time I've been alive, I am just now getting serious about things I had ideas of doing ten years ago.  If I had been steady and consistent in my progress, I would already be highly established and successful in the things I'm just getting into the past couple years.  Streaks of rises and falls may even out on average to the same level of activity if I was steady, but the way I see it - the rises and falls take more effort than steady effort as I see them happening because they are needed to compensate for each other. 

And that's what I'm getting at.  My attitude for 2008 - to be steady and consistent in my activities and growth.  To keep close the real reasons why I work on the things I do. 

So far in 2009, I've been... well... steady.  Did a good amount of work on Specialty Gamer.  Created various original graphics, and edited others that I could use.  Finally got around to completing various essential tasks I've been putting off for so long.  Did research on things related to my real estate business (and my other video game website business too as a startup) on the most important things I need to do to make money and get going.  So yes, things are going good so far.  Only a week, yes I know.  But I haven't overworked myself.  I'm sure to work, to play, to rest, all in short intervals so I can do them again and again...



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