Making it

I'm getting back into my artistic/creative mindset, writing a poem on the first night of my Cashflow, Financing, and Property Management Bootcamp.

Make Things Happen - May 2, 2008

Someone hasn't met me, doesn't understand my ideas
that I want to do things that haven't been done.
But people that really see me, they know I can do it
and on the way to getting there, I'll be having fun.

As I've been telling friends and my dad about things, (They already know about my small business, but I mostly haven't given details that I'm getting into RE investing - I'm just general by saying I'm going to a business expo or business classes) I am somewhat surprised to see that level of support and confidence people have in me.  My friend that I have made an author on my Specialty Gamer website told me he respects the way I do things and that I am deliberate in business - which is true and I'm glad that people see that.  Its a strange thought that most people that know me know I'm very motivated and want to do many things, but I just have a feeling most don't know the extent of all the things I want to do which I fully realize that if someone doesn't truly know me, they wouldn't understand what I can do.  Part of that is on me though as I'm selective on who I choose to let know me for various reasons.



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