Maintaining my dignity

I am an self employed entrepreneur and I work from home, which means I can and do work at any time I want - and also when I don't want.  The "self" part of being an entrepreneur means I have to have some discipline to stay working and stay motivated.  Its easy to say that I'm going to do this and/or that everyday, but its another thing to necessarily be able to keep doing that everyday with consistency.

My main goal for this year has been consistency.  I don't strive to do everything every day - yes it would be nice, but I need to keep my expectations realistic.

One thing about working at home, telecommuting and making calls on the phone - is it really doesn't matter what I look like or what I'm wearing.  I can be talking business, and sometimes I might even be sitting in bed and still in my pajamas!  Is it an American ideal to work and be wearing what you want?  Well yes... maybe.  For me though, I told myself a couple weeks ago, "I am going to get dressed every day this week" and I did.  For that week, I was prepared in my mind and I was very productive that week getting lots of work done as well as long chores put off around the house.  So since then I've decided I'm going to keep getting up and getting dressed everyday - which I have done even past the week I told myself I was going to do that. 

Now I could get clean and dressed up just so I stay clean, and so I won't be embarrassed in case someone comes to the door, or so I will have established routine - and those may very well be good enough reasons for most people, but my own personal reason is different actually.  If you've ever met me, you might have quickly got the impression that I am a very dressy and self styled guy.  Yes, my favorite thing to do is get dressed and comb my hair.  To me, wearing nice clothes and having my hair done right is what truly makes me happy and I feels gives me my dignity.  Combing my hair is the essense of me (if you've ever met me, I think you'd just understand) and makes me feel more comfortable about being myself, even if there's no one likely to see me for the day.

Dressing up and looking nice is such a big deal to me, I even consider it a reward.  The backwards thinking I used to have was that, "okay, I'm not going to dress nice or comb my hair until I get some work done because I don't deserve it".  Well, that attitude did NOT work for me as not only was I unable to get too much work done, but I looked skuzzy and didn't feel very good about myself.  Lose/lose.  Now, I reward myself everyday in the beginning of the day - then pay myself back with getting things done during the day.



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