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2010 Motivations

It has been a long time since I posted to my PMJ.  I really need to write more.  I am especially feeling its important for me RIGHT NOW to re-evaluate my motivations and strategy short term for 2010.  I've had a system I have followed all year so far, but I'm not seeing the results I intended so it is time I believe to make some changes.

I'm the kind of person that really needs to have my motivations be deeply personal as my fuel.  If my motivations are being honest to myself of what I do actually want most deeply, then I have in the past kept going until I somehow found a way to reach them.

2010 Motivations To Work Hard


  • Pay down my credit cards
  • Raise money to fix up my apartment building
  • Report income thru my LLC to develop credit
  • Life


  • Develop my vintage wardrobe
  • Fix up The Lovercraft
  • Fix up Mister Nice
  • Be a better friend to people I care about
  • Feel good about myself
  • Develop a new personal passion business to replace Specialty Gamer
  • Follow up on my unfinished artwork projects
  • Be able to think my parents don't have to worry about me
  • Feel that I'm not letting people down

By the end of the year goal

I will have submitted at least 3 more offers on commercial deals by the end of this year, December 31, 2009. 

[September 30, 2009 Update:  Well, I've met my goal... which to be honest was on the underachieving side.  One of the three offers was even accepted and currently under contract.  I've submitted 7 offers/contracts this year if I recall correctly.  Let's see if we can make it 5 more offers submitted by the end of 2009.  If I haven't submitted AT LEAST TEN commercial offers in total by the end of this year, then the honest truth is that I'm not looking hard enough.]

More Life Goals/Reasons

With all the inspiration I've been feeling lately, as well as being able to cross off many of the "back of my heart" aspirations I've wanted to complete for years (but only recently found the nerve to follow thru), I decided to add to my list of life goals.

I do kind of dislike the term "goals".  Although I know what I mean, I prefer to think of them as more like life "reasons" as I do not consider any of these things I'm going to do as unrealistic for someone in my situation - or lofty things to shoot for.  ALL of these things will get done, (many being organized in the background) and living my life is the reason for doing so.

  • Take voice lessons - speaking AND  singing
  • Learn to read/write music compositions
  • Sing honky tonk or soul at my own concert
  • Write a non-fiction book on inspiration/success
  • Open a fully subsidized non-profit community center/shelter for those under 21 - with 2 floors, movie theatre, stage for bands, speakers, repertory arts, free/low cost rooms for street kids, clean, place that feels "cool" (not dirty and poor) and their own that aren't old enough to go to bars and don't wanna go to the mall
  • Republish all my old released artwork/books in enhanced versions
  • Gather one of each postcards from my old poetry mailing list to package together and republish in nice keepsake package
  • Make/Get custom holster for Combtastic Returns
  • Have large personal library of books on all subjects that I wish, cataloged and easy to find the book I wish to read
  • Be at the point where my businesses run themselves - or at least so they don't take direct input from me to make EVERY single decision, like it is mostly right now
  • Develop investment program tailored for people of my generation/mindset - 20s/30s/40s types that tend not to settle, value lifestyle flexibilty, feel neglected by the mainstream, I believe I'm in unique situation that I can connect with them in a way that grey haired suits do not
  • Have a full featured personal art/craft studio with every tool, material to create whatever I like myself
  • Be able to open up my mom so she's outgoing again like she used to be
  • Own my own house to live in with no mortgage, bought at wholesale using creative real estate strategies I have learned
  • Have the confidence to show that I am genuinely friendly/interested in any new person I meet in any situation
  • Be able to dynamically organize presentations on any subject matter I wish that will electrify and influence all attendents who watch


Dinner Theatre!

I had a great idea while I was trying to sleep tonight.  (with the heatwave in Portland, I can't sleep anyways)  This is something that I'm sure I could organise with the local connections I have and the material that I'm working on.

Dinner Theatre!

When I was younger, I really wanted to be a performance artist - and I somewhat have forgotten about that.  I enjoyed speaking, talking and interacting with people.  I only did a handful of my own events, but they were great and the last performance that I did was the happiest day of my life at that point - I had finally reached the major social goal I had set for myself.  (my goals in life tend to be social)  Its strange to think that the last performance/event I did was just over eight years ago.  And I DO know the reason why I never went out to do it again since then.  That last one was so great, and the turnout was so much better than I expected of so many of my good friends, that you could say I was too satisfied with that.  I wanted to end on a high note as I didn't feel I could top that.

Between that time and now, I have gone thru some extended periods where I had no thoughts to do any artwork.  And where I am at now, I feel things have changed and the momentum I feel confident is coming back all the way around again.

To talk/perform in front of people is the one thing that has given me the most personal satisfaction in my life.  So why did I give it up?  I can do it again!  And with all that I know that I didn't know back then, I an make it way better than I ever could have done.

I have the outline for it sketched in my mind.  I basically know what it will be called.  (I actually just registered the domain name Sweetheart Dinner Theatre!! I know what kind of place I want it to be at.  I know what kind of people that will look to go to it.  I know what kind of entertainment I will have at it.  I know how I am going to promote and market it.  This thought of mine is something I would like to set later on - as something for the year.  I'm not going to limit myself, by thinking this is an event for the day, the week, or even the month.

Yes, its a perfect idea and just another source of motivation for my financial success.  As much as I'd love to think about organising it now, other things I'm doing now come first.  But this will give me a reason to look forward to - as another goal sometime in the definate year - to prepare myself for reaching my major accomplishment.

Milestone Goal/Reward to Set

When I hit $100,000 combined in revenue from real estate activities, I will take my mom and my dad to Disney World.

About My Desire

Financial goal:

  • (shy to make public, but I know what it is)

What I am willing to give: 

  • I will commit at least a couple hours (on average) every weekday to building or growing my real estate business and make my best effort to make some kind of progress in my business every day.
  • Be completely responsible for my work.  Not make excuses for anyone or anything else when something doesn't work out how I intended.

When total will be earned:

  • End of year 2009

How I will do it:

  • View my daily aggregated listings every day
  • Contact on properties that interest me the day I see them
  • Make offers for properties that meet my criteria
  • Leverage my time when possible by partnering, sending/accepting referrals with others in my network when the opportunity matches up
  • I will send out my marketing regularly on a schedule
  • Follow up regularly on my property leads
  • Stay in touch with my investor friends
  • Don't be shy to ask for help/advice from my mentors and instructors
  • Continue to market to buyers/investors
  • Be confident in telling people what I do
  • Keep calling, emailing, talking, researching, reading
  • Make decisions before over-analyzing
  • Give my honest, best faith effort in everything I do
  • Remind myself of the commitment I'm making to myself every day

A Single, Immediate Goal

I have a single, immediate goal.  Close my first commercial deal.  To get there, find as many leads as I can so I have lots of options.  On deciding which tasks in my huge list are most essential - I've been asking myself, "Will this task help me to reach my goal of completing my first commercial deal?"  If the answer is "no", then its not essential for now. I am aligning everything in my favor towards what I want to do so the process will be progessively faster and easier.  My mindset is often to absorb myself in whatever topic I am passionate about and I have the tendency to become an expert on it just because of my enthusiasm. 

I think I am really good at "capsulizing" things.  I think if you can explain a topic to someone that has no idea on the subject in only a few steps, it means you understand it very well.

My Goals

List of Financial Goals:

  • Get Mister Nice totally fixed up, cleaned up, and customized to my liking
  • Be able to try any business project I wish as a hobby
  • Have a personal tailor (or just a excellent tailor) that can hand make any outfit I wish (white velvet suit??)
  • Pay for my own insurance and all other expenses
  • Treat people to dinner on occasion
  • Have nice personal arcade/gameroom setup
  • Have an actual garage
  • Be independently wealthy
  • Have enough money and time to take all wealth workshops and classes I wish
  • Merchandise all my business and personal projects
  • Be able to make all my friends somehow involved with my business projects - to be able to contribute and profit if they wish
  • Repair mufflers in Lovercraft

List of Personal Goals:

  • Impress my dad from being successful in business
  • Dress nice, comb my hair nice every day
  • Have everything (my CD's, games, papers, etc.) clean and organized in shelves, bins or etc.
  • See real life marmots
  • Be able to travel to see all expos in all interest areas (computers, video games, business, wealth) I wish
  • Publish all my writings and artwork to The Brian Pages (or other medium if I wish)
  • Be an expert in all the areas of business I choose to stay in
  • To finally let all the air out of the balloon (that is to tell friends and family what I'm doing)
  • Do a photoshoot with a photographer (Marne?) for The Brian Pages

Reasons to keep my Goals:

  • Important to me
  • Not willing to fail
  • I don't have a reason why I can't accomplish them
  • I keep my promises to everyone
  • I care about people
  • I'm worth the very best


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