Five Elements.

Five aspects I need to have for myself to be successful:

  1. Commitment

  2. Passion

  3. Direction

  4. Knowledge

  5. Comfort

Then dial each area up to the top level.  When I've done so in the past, then I've naturally become an expert in those things.

Missing one of those five areas (but more importantly, not realizing I was missing that area and that it was important) has led to my frustration and burnout in my past failures.  I've thought that having an excessively high level of one area can compensate for low level of another area, but that hasn't seemed to have worked for me.

On a scale from 1 to 10, I currently rate in those areas:

  1. Commitment - 9
    Would like to say 10, but I can't say so just because I still work on my small business separately.  But RE Investing is primary, my small business is secondary.
  2. Passion - 10
    Passion has never been a problem for me, in the past that was about all I had.  I know exactly why I want to do the things I do.
  3. Direction - 7
    I feel I'm getting there with developing my business plan.  But I don't like to do too much freelancing on unfamiliar subjects without one of my instructors or someone with experience look over my progress to make sure my goals and expectations are sensible and realistic.
  4. Knowledge - 7
    I would say definately I keep learning and although the learning process for me is slow, I tend to comprehend things at an exponential rate, rather than a steady rate.  So with each day, I come to understand so many more things.  Continued education is one of my goals to increase my learning curve even steeper.
  5. Comfort - 9
    Again, comfort has never really been an issue for me.  I know that I tend to make stupid mindless mistakes the first times I start something, but knowing that doesn't stop me and really knowing I do tend to make mistakes at the beginning takes the worry out whether I will make a mistake here or there or not.  I'm not afraid of being wrong - as long as I own the decisions I make, then being wrong or making a mistake doesn't make me look stupid.  The only reason I can't give myself a 10 is because I have yet to actually make an offer so we'll see what my real reaction to that will be.




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