Jason Aro Mastermind Weekend

I was just at the Jason Aro Mastermind Weekend today and yesterday, and I feel very pleased that I decided to go!

Jason Aro is a real estate attorney who is an experienced investor, builder, and professional consultant.  Jason founded a couple of companies, South Bay Foreclosure Specialists and South Bay Capital - which are focused on investing in distressed properties thru short sales, REO's, loan modifications, and buying non-performing notes.

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I found out about Jason from the presentation he gave at the March general meeting at North West Real Estate Investors Association.  I was just starting to do research on REO's, so when I heard someone was talking about that, that was my main interest.  I've had a passive interest in notes for a while, but I've put that off, not really seeing how it would relate to what I was doing.  I sat front row (mainly because I am short-sighted) and was impressed right away by Jason's "no nonsense" way of explaining things clearly in detail. 

The points Jason brought up in his presentation that stood out to me:

  1. Nothing else would need to be purchased to get started the very next day.  (I always appreciate when a program is self contained, without requiring the purchase of an upsell for the people who are actually "serious" to get the real content.)
  2. Jason's company pays referral fees to do loan modifications and short sales for distressed homeowners.  Nice option to keep in mind, and also to know he owns a company with a staff doing what he's teaching.
  3. The class would teach how to negotiate with banks, being credible and using proper terminology to get access to REO's and non-performing notes directly thru them.  (with my new interest in REO's, sounded like exactly what I was looking for)

Initially I actually was not planning to attend - only because I wasn't intending to do any more trainings for right now.  I visited the South Bay Capital website and there I came across the Join Our Team link, offering openings as Independent Contractors to work with the company.  So, I called their office directly to talk about that - ends up, it is an option available to those that take Jason's Mastermind Training.  Basically that made me interested to go as I am especially interested in any potential partnership opportunities.

This class was actually significant to me for the reason that being that it was in Portland and promoted thru NWREIA that I'd attended.  I was thinking it would probably be a great chance to be at a training to introduce myself to local NWREIA regulars regulars and investors in attendence - which is very important to me. 

I spoke to Jason a little bit at the start and he knew that I'd registered on the website to see a new video lesson they'd just put up - and also that I'd called Neil at the office to talk about things.  Its always nice when someone sort of knows about you.

The class size was one of the smaller ones I've been to - 17 attendents.  Jason didn't even wear a microphone and the layout was a conference room where we all faced each other.  If you can picture that, the class setting was like a group meeting.  People would often have questions or comments, and Jason would always let people talk, and respond quickly on the spot.  The format made it so that I was able to get a lot of good info from questions that attendents would bring up that wasn't specifically covered in a lesson.

During lunch, Jason even came out and bought lunch with us.  He's a very approachable and easy person to talk to.  With less than 20 attendents, I think everyone had the opportunity to have personal chat time with Jason. 

The style and content was excellent and although detailed, easy to process.  I did appreciate that the first day wasn't wasted going over "you can do it" exercises and basic real estate fundamentals, and going straight into "how to" and "what to" content.  Between the class materials, all the necessary forms, marketing materials, business outlines, and scripts were included to get out there right away for a person motivated to do so.

I made some excellent connections that I will be in touch with.  I sensed most of the attendents appeared to be serious and decisive in using what was learned to build their business.  I am determined to take what I learned to use in my business in March and April.



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