Commitment to persistance

What I feel success comes down to is commitment to persistance.  If an idea is large in scope then difficulties and mistakes should be expected - and not anything to be discouraged about.  I feel success is about effort. 

Mistakes will happen - and naturally I expect going in (especially if the task is new and large in scope) but no mistake ever discourages me.  I actually consider mistakes to be blessings toward the future because it allows me to reflect and avoid the mistakes when those situations come up again.  The more mistakes I make in the beginning the less mistakes I make later on my journey - of course I accept responsibility for my mistakes and will take notes to correct them.

I don't consider myself to be especially blessed with natural skills or talent - but I am masterful at compensating to take absolute full advantage of everything I've got.  And I feel I will take way more use out of my lesser abilities than someone who is much more able than me but just doesn't commit to finishing things the way I do.  Any skills or talent or abilities I have I've been told by people looks effortless but believe me that is only because I've tried so hard for so long on so many things that I want so very very badly. 

As far as me: 

  • I am committed
  • I am persistant
  • I am active
  • I don't give up or get discouraged
  • I have been - am - and will be successful



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